Je m’emmerdais alors j’ai décidé d’écouter le film le plus emmerdant du monde (et quelque chose s’est passé)

gayphone There were those who went to the bamboo shop and those who went to the machete shop (and those who didn’t shop at all, but they were few). Then those who bought bamboo mats and those who bought machetes (and those who didn’t buy anything at all, but those were those who didn’t shop at all, and they were few).

lake Everyone cried at some point. A friend got injured a father died someone saw a spider a grandfather died someone got older someone got sick everyone got sick some got tanned some felt something some for others.

(A thought : I like things more and more. The music is better the movies are better the food is better the parties are better TV is better. I have entered the mainstream the main stream has entered me this is where the cash flows except I’m (on) the island…

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.15.09 AM

…no more noise music no more Friendship Cove no more tape orchestra no more making masks and skipping vowels no more ALL CAPS no more intuition pop pop pop spa spa spa wrinkle cream ice cream clay clay clay.)


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