Bernard Werber


The first time I had Indian food was in 2003, age 17. Buffet Maharaja, Boulevard René-Lévesque (currently rated 2/5 stars on Yelp). Tori Amos meet and greet. Got a ride from Jonquière with strangers. First encounter with gay people. First realization of a potential link between gay music and gay people. Got more rides with strangers to see Peaches, Le Tigre, The Kills, Cat Power, Gossip. 2003, coming out at Théâtre Outremont. Met a girl from Ottawa gave me a kitten sticker. Missed the last metro, took a cab to Longueuil, microwaved lasagna from Le Commensal. 2007, took last bite from said lasagna.


Watched Divergent on the plane. What if we had been following another character? We only cheer for the hero. Also – what if she had gotten her period?

Airplane movies reviews. Who wants to watch You’ve got mail in 2015?

That time in 2007 when we played flute on the roof at the Friendship Cove. And threw rocks at passersby from the roof. And Nicolas threw up from the roof. Someone was living with me.

At Tanakita I asked “Were you ever a fan of Tori Amos?” then couldn’t understand anything because there was no interior space. “…that girl who played the piano…” “Tori Amos??” “…piano…” “Tori Amos??” “…” “You mean Tori Amos?”.

(North Jakarta/Sukabumi)

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