Refluxes from the appropriately named Ruinart champagne bar


Bird-shaped drones, shitting on the BMW sponsored parking shuttles.




Getting to know your co-workers (part I). Non for profit contemporary art magazine, Absolut Vodka ad on the back cover. Editorial ‘A revolution, by destructing an aristocracy, destroys the culture through which it emerged.’ What do you mean? Exactly that. Is this ironic? It’s not, we believe in coexistence. Right, coexistence has a great record, historically with colonization, and today with this fair, where everyone gets to live their passion: passion for champagne, passion for toilet brushes, etc. Is this ironic?


How to formulate and propagate a no-nonsense (marxist?) criticism of contemporary art without fueling right wing politics?



(Never making karaoke-related art again.)



Getting to know your co-workers (part II). Central area, free contemporary art magazines, design furniture store. Old rich lady-vultures flocking around the rest area with their sandwich trays. Flock flock and your co-worker is a suit-and-tied clean up boy. What do you study? Finance. Who hired you? An agency. What’s your next job? Seafood show. What’s your favorite show? Motor show. Isn’t this just like motor show? Pretty much.



From art/culture uniting the working class and the middle class against the upper class to art/culture uniting the middle class and the upper class against the working class.

(Art Brussels)

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