Eat Pay Leave

I ended up mostly going to the mall. I watched Jeanne Dielman I read the SCUM manifesto I rode the back of motorcycles and I bought a cap that says Mariyuana I bought a cap that says DOPE I bought a shirt with bananas I bought a shirt with avocados I bought shorts that ripped in the back I bought ice cream I bought pancakes I bought I bought I bought I went camping I bought nothing everything was a bug and everything was Cameroon and I went on a silent strike I spoke to Maike I got scared I survived I left the Biennale I read Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? I got annoyed I went shopping I got depressed I tried coffee I got sad I met with Martha I got anxious I got up I had pancakes and now I’m going to the mall.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.21.22 PM


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