Disappearing vs. escaping (emprunt)

Also someone was saying that according to post-nazi research brand names that end with an A or that feature a K are easier for customers to adopt.

Kwik-e mart
Taka Taka

Also French/Japanese=fancy.

Also bread flavor mango+pistachio+white chocolate+processed cheese delivers on expectations (in many contradictory ways). French+Japanese=it.

Also. Soundscapes:

Tanakita=mosque (men’s voice)+mosque (women’s voice)+mosque (cat sounds)+cat fight+bamboo bûcherons+car alarm bug+heavy rain

Amed underwater=fish picking on plancton

Jakarta=traffic+honking+mosques+hello miss, miss, miss


At one of the malls. Worker. Hello sir. Miss. Sir. Miss. Sir. Miss. Sir.



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